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Jill Stein on The Empire Files with Abby Martin

I’ve been following Abby Martin’s excellent reporting since she worked for RT. Glad to see she’s still doing such amazing work – The Empire Files needs to be seen as widely as possible.

In the meantime, Martin interviewed Dr. Stein on April 3, and Stein is – as usual – excellent.

We need a Medicare for All system, which is rapidly achievable.


WSWS | PNG crisis eases as Australia hints at military intervention

There should be no doubt that America, and its allies, are indeed imperialist states. If a doctrine of “pre-emptive war” justifies the occupation of Iraq, why not “pre-emptive” military action to maintain “stability” (read: Australia’s conservative government interest) in the South Pacific.

From World Socialist Website:

One of Papua New Guinea’s contending prime ministers, Peter O’Neill, yesterday strengthened his control of the key state institutions—the army and the police—after the Australian government let it be known that it had plans to intervene militarily, if necessary, to resolve a week-long constitutional stand-off.