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Deer are “Public Enemy Number 1”?

Since 1997, when Darien’s First Selectman appointed the Darien Deer Management Committee with Kent Haydock as chair, the town has pursued deer “as Public Enemy Number 1,” Priscilla Feral said, president of the Darien-based Friends of Animals.

When, oh when will humans stop arrogating to themselves the excuse to kill animals on the grounds that we have a ‘right’ or a ‘need’ to ‘manage’ their populations?

Humans have massively overpopulated the planet, far beyond the Earth’s capacity to sustain our resource usage. Let’s manage the human population, please. Leave sentient nonhumans alone.

FOA | Back from Pasadena.The Struggle for Wolves Continues

New from Priscilla Feral at Friends of Animals:

Friends of Animals’ brief supported a filing for an injunction submitted and argued by Attorney Jay Tutchton of WildEarth Guardians on behalf of an alliance of non-profits litigating to return federal protection to the wolves of the northern Rocky Mountains. The case asserts that Congress used an unconstitutional method (slipping a rider onto a must-pass budget bill in April) to remove Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Idaho, Montana, and parts of Oregon, Washington and Utah.